timeline building
and planning

I am here for you every step of the way. To make sure you will have the best photography experience, I begin by building a timeline based off your vision for your wedding! This ensures a stress free day for you, with enough time to capture those special moments, as well as a complete list of family groupings. With over 400 weddings and 15+ years of experience, I've come to be an expert at predicting how much time everything will take, while allowing some wiggle room for the unexpected!

your wedding

By the time the wedding day arrives, my couples and I have developed mutual comfort and trust, which is essential for me to capture your true personalities. We are together from when your makeup and cufflinks go on, until the jackets and shoes come off on the dance floor.

the design

Aside from your wedding day, this is my favorite part of the experience! I get you all to myself for a night of reliving the greatest day; this is when we turn those meaningful memories into household treasures that never go out of style!


Final result: preserving what matters most, isn't through a hard drives of files, or a Facebook gallery... but in heirloom albums and wall artwork that only become more valuable over time.


You invest in a professional photographer to capture your wedding day for how it feels, and I will guide you through the final step of designing the best way to display and cherish your memories for years to come!