Boston Family Photography: The Connor Crew!!

Its the month of photographer’s families gracing the blog and man are they cute!! Chris is a fantastic photographer, and a super close friend of mine! We’ve got each other’s backs in this crazy photo world, whether it second shooting for each other, or answering weird photo questions at any time of day, and I’m so thankful for his friendship! I was so pumped to finally meet his crew this year and spend some time hanging out with them! Savannah is the absolute perfect match for Chris and they spend their life laughing together! Their kids are the sweetest and Ava is Savannah’s mini me! She had me cracking up all day long, and I was only half joking that I wanted to steal her :)I mean come ON it doesn’t get sweeter than these two. Chris is such an incredible big brother!They have zero fun together…I believe I have finally found my spirit animal…CUTESTThese two photos crack me up when they are next to each other ;)Ava, you kill me haha

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