Chequessett Yacht & Country Club | Stephanie & Steve

Venue: Chequessett Yacht & Country Club

DJ: Tom Tuttle

Cupcakes: Something Sweet

Dress: Bellas Bridal

2015-08-10_0001 2015-08-10_0002 2015-08-10_0003a These two are just the cutest!!2015-08-10_0004

How did you guys meet?
Through Stephanie, her best friend (Jackie) met her fiance (Colin) and in turn Stephanie met Steve through them! Although Stephanie and Steve knew each other through a shared social group for a few years, things did not become official until one fateful New Years Eve Night – the rest is history!

2015-08-10_004a 2015-08-10_0005 While the girls got ready…2015-08-10_0005a 2015-08-10_0005b 2015-08-10_0006 Shout out to my close friend and second photographer Laura Widness  :)2015-08-10_0008 2015-08-10_0009 2015-08-10_0012 Stephanie’s dad reaction gave me goosebumps!! This moment was one of my favorites from the entire day.2015-08-10_0014 2015-08-10_0019 Stephanie was just a show stopper in her dress!!!2015-08-10_0019a 2015-08-10_0020 2015-08-10_0021 2015-08-10_0021a The handsome groom!2015-08-10_0022 I was SO happy to see Rebecca and Matt! I photographed their wedding a few years back and was so happy to meet their adorable Garrett. I can’t even deal with his bowtie…2015-08-10_0023 2015-08-10_0024 Such style..2015-08-10_0026 2015-08-10_0027 2015-08-10_0027a

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
When we saw each other for the first time as the processional music played at our ceremony. The most memorable moment of the whole wedding process was the feeling the next morning. We woke up with an overwhelming sense of love not just for each other but all that are a part of our lives. The wedding was a reminder of how much we love and appreciate the family and friends around us. 

2015-08-10_0027b 2015-08-10_0028 2015-08-10_0029 2015-08-10_0030

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Steve fumbling to get Stephanie’s wedding band on

2015-08-10_0034 2015-08-10_0034a 2015-08-10_0035 2015-08-10_0036 2015-08-10_0036a 2015-08-10_0037 2015-08-10_0037a 2015-08-10_0037aa 2015-08-10_0037b 2015-08-10_0037bb

Any advice for future Bride/Grooms?
The only thing that truly matters on your wedding day is that you will have each other for the rest of your lives

2015-08-10_0037c 2015-08-10_0037cc 2015-08-10_0037d 2015-08-10_0037x 2015-08-10_0042 2015-08-10_0043 2015-08-10_0045 Just a few beautiful bridesmaids and their fellas :)2015-08-10_0045ajpg 2015-08-10_0047 2015-08-10_0048 2015-08-10_0048a 2015-08-10_0049 2015-08-10_0049a 2015-08-10_0050 2015-08-10_0052 2015-08-10_0066 2015-08-10_0068 2015-08-10_0070 2015-08-10_0071

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
The one thing we would change would be to start the ceremony 30 minutes earlier so there would be that much more time at the end of the night for dancing and socializing!

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