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This wedding means a great deal to me. I have known Kevin Hadfield for quite a while now since photographing his brother’s wedding, and when I heard from his awesome sister-in-law that he had gotten engaged, I crossed my fingers and toes that I would be Kevin and Kevin’s wedding photographer. The three of us got together about a year ago and I knew right away that Hadfield had found his perfect match in Kevin Entwistle. These two make everyone around them smile just by being in their presence. Not only that, but we share the EXACT same style. Literally EVERYTHING about this wedding was jaw dropping from the venue to the details, and my heart skipped a beat when I first walked in. An old mill, scrap metal flowers, high fashion wedding guest attire…perfection. So, thank you to these incredibly men for picking me to capture their memories. I will never ever forget it.

**There are far too many pictures included on this post, but I love them all and couldn’t cut any out so I suggest putting your feet up :)

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-17 copy

How did you guys meet?

Like most couples these days – the amazing bar, the Internet. 

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-21 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-21a mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-34 copymill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-32 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-37 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-39 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-40 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-43 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-44 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-45 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-50 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-51 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-54 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-56 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-58 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-60 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-64 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-69 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-70 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-74 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-79a mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-82a copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-83 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-85a mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-87 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-88 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-89 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-90 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-93 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-94 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-94a What was the most memorable moment of your day?

The moment of walking into our ceremony space and seeing the faces of our loved ones.

To this day it gives us goosebumps feeling the love of our family and friends.mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-96 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-98 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-100 copy

BIG shout out to my partner in crime for the day, second shooter Addie Gorman for crushing it all day long!

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-102 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-105 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-114 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-117 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-117a copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-119 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-123 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125 copy Any advice for future couples?

Do what you want – don’t listen to anyone else.

People scoffed at the idea of metal flowers and dress code, but we stuck it out and had something unique and a night that was original and the best night of our lives!

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125a mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125c mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125d mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125e mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125f mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125g mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125h mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125j I just wanted to call out this incredible & gorgeous family. I’m so honored to have been at a few of their family weddings over the past few years, and MAN can this group DANCE!!  mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-127 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-129 copy A couple of well dressed wedding guests ;)mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-131 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-132 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-135 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-138 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-143 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-144 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-147 copy Both Kevins had me tearing up. Entwistle gave the most heartfelt speech, while Hadfield wrote and sang an unbelievable song!

I have never heard him sing in person and it blew me away.mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-148 copy Funniest memory from your wedding day?

The brother poems – the reference of the nub… You’d have to be there 
mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-149 copy
If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Nothing. Our day was the most magical day ever. Oh wait, maybe not having that last gin and tonic ;)! 
mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-154 copy
mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-155 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-157 copy Photo booth time with K&K’s handmade KILLER backdrop out of metal!!mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-29mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-47mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-161 copy OH my gosh this made me laugh so hard that tears came out. This adorable flower girl broke out her split on the dance floor.

Seconds later, the Hadfield men attempted to join her. She’s got you beat guys :)mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-165 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-168 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-169 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-175 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-176 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-180 copy I mean….epic is the only word that comes to mind.mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-182 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-185 copy Anything else you would like to add?

We had the best night of our lives. We were completely overwhelmed with the love and support of our friends and family!

Oh, and our freaking kick ass photographer!! mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-190 copy

  1. Kim says:

    This album is EVERYTHING!! Gorgeous venue, beautiful couple and that mustache suit…. OMG! Perfect balance of industrial meets contemporary meets elegant.

    Amazing job!

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