Misselwood Micro Wedding | Lily & Christian

Venue: Misselwood Estate & Lily & Christian’s backyard!

Florist: Wild Dahlia

I have been so incredibly lucky this year to have the best couples!! Lily & Christian made the tough decision to postpone their big wedding until next year, but still were so excited to get married that they put together an incredibly amazing day last week. It was just immediate family, and everyone received a negative test prior so they were able to hug and celebrate in the safest way possible!! They chose Misselwood for their ceremony, one of my FAVORITE venues at the most perfect time of day, and after headed back to their gorgeous backyard for a home cooked meal! Christian and his dad jumped on the grill, and Lily made the most beautiful cake. I am so thankful to have been a part of such a special day and can’t wait to celebrate with them next year!

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