Seaport Hotel Boston | Melissa & Richard

Venue: Seaport Hotel Boston

Hair: Jenna Marie White

Makeup: Nancy Gorman

I absolutely love everything about this girl and her entire family!! After three weddings with them, I truly feel like part of their crew!!!

seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-1 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-2a seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-4 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-5 Little Sienna made me and everyone else smile all day long :)seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-10

How did you guys meet?

We are from the same town so we actually met in high school. We had different groups of friends in high school but being from a small town, we would bump into each other here and there. It wasn’t until we were both in college that we started dating.


Favorite wedding purchase

Definitely my wedding dress. I am so indecisive and rely on my family so much to help me make a final decision. I shopped with my mom and sisters for dresses and I tried on tons of them but I never got that “this is it” feeling. My oldest sister, Kristen, forced me to try a satin mermaid gown on that I was certain wasn’t for me. The second I put it on I was obsessed with it and they were too.

seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-12 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-13 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-14 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-16 I love this shot!seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-18 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-23 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-25 What an absolutely GORGEOUS couple!! Thank you to my second photographer Amy Emily for the picture on the left!seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-26 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-28 My three absolutely stunning past and present brides. Love you girls! seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-31 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-33 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-36 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-44 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-48 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-49

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

When the church doors opened to walk down the aisle and it was all about to begin! I was oddly calm and remember every moment—walking with my Dad, seeing my family and friends in the pews and seeing my ‘future’ husband at the altar.

seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-51 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-54 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-54a seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-55 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-58 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-64 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-65 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-66 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-70 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-79 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-81 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-83 Ok, so I just have to gush about this next picture for a second. It was dark. Pitch dark! I am really proud of this image and I would like to send a shout out to my second shooter Amy for hiding in the bushes with my lights, and to my fantastic groomsmen that day for holding more of my lights in front of these two. It sometimes takes a team to set up a shot and I’m thankful for the extra set of hands to get this result!seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-84 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-86  seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-88 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-93 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-96

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Rick and I kept talking about how we have to practice our first dance before our wedding day. We weren’t doing anything fancy, but we wanted to look like we knew what we were doing on the dance floor.  We totally forgot to practice and completely winged it. I think a little practice wouldn’t have hurt, but according to some close friends and family, they didn’t even notice.


Anything else you would like to add?

Weddings are beautiful and so much fun, but you have no idea how much time and work goes into planning a wedding until it is your own. My parents and sisters took the reins on planning this day and it was amazing to see it all come together. Without my family we would have been so lost and cannot thank them enough for making our wedding day more than we could’ve dreamed of!

seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-107 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-108

Any advice for future Bride/Grooms?

Everyone gives the same advice but it’s true—the day goes by SO fast, so slow down, look around and take it all in.

seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-111 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-113 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-116 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-120 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-122 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-124 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-127 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-129 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-131 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-134 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-134a seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-137 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-144 seaport_hotel_boston_ericaferronephotography_melissaricky-145

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