Smith & Wollensky Wedding | Alecia & Stephen

Smith & Wollensky

Lisa Rosetti | email:

: Dwayne Ridgaway

Anne Barge from Kleinfeld in NYC

: Katrina Hess – email:

Lindsay Griffin

William Arthur, Calligraphy by Astrid Wendth

Alecia and Stephen threw a fairy tale wedding in a CASTLE in Boston! Smith and Wollensky was absolutely stunning after Dwayne added his mile long greenery on A&P’s farmhouse tables, complete with a thousand candles. It really was something to see! Not only that, but they treated their guests to the best possible dinner a wedding could offer, Smith and Wollensky steaks! It was such an elegant affair, and I’m happy to share the images from the day here. Special shout out to my dear friend, Molly LaCroix, for photographing the day with me! smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-1

smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-2 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-5 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-6 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-8 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-10 Such happy gorgeous girls!!smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-11 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-11a Love this shot that Molly grabbed of dapper Stephen!smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-12 Alecia I’m obsessed with your dress!!!smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-17 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-23 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-26 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-27 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-33 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-33a smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-34 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-36

smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-40 It was a very busy day in the Boston Commons, but these two were in their own dream world :)smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-47 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-50 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-51 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-62 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-69 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-79 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-80 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-90 Get ready for some delicious details!smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-91 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-92 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-93 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-109 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-109a One of my favs. from the whole day :)smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-116 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-118 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-125 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-125a smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-126 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-128 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-131 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-131a smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-132 smith_wollensky_aleciastephen_efp-150






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