The Brookside Club | Kat & Pat

The Brookside Club

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: Anna Be

: Nicole Treannie

I can’t begin to describe how perfect Kat & Pat are for each other. These two make you feel like family the second you walk in the door!! There may have been rain on their day, but maybe there is something to that expression “rain on your wedding day is good luck” because those rain clouds delivered a pretty epic sunset!! It was a true joy to spend the day with these two and I’m beyond excited for them to see these photos ;)Kat could’ve even been married in her robe!! She is such a beauty!!Shout out to my second photographer Chris Connor for crushing the photos of guys getting ready!!These girls :)Yep, I took just a “few” photos of their pup lolI can’t even with these portraits. Some of my favorites ever!!Happy group of guys :)The handsome groom!!It started down pouring as the ceremony began, and it effected 0% of the wedding party, including my girl Kat!! I really love the rain in these :)Can this crew adopt me? They were so much fun!!!I smile every time I see this photo


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