The Exchange Conference Center | Tara & Jim

Venue: The Exchange Conference Center | Boston, MA

Dress: Vows

Florist: Jeri Solomon Floral Designs

Cake: Luberto’s, Everett, MA

DJ: TSG Productions

Everything about Tara & Jim’s wedding was perfect!!

The weather was ideal, the details were adorable and the two of them were wearing the BIGGEST smiles all day.

I am so happy to show off their day through these pictures :)

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-2 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-6

How did you guys meet?
The Short Story?

The longer, slightly more interesting story? We’ll each tell you our own version.

Jim – I don’t, nor have I ever believed in love at first sight. However, the first words I heard (or should it be read) from Tara instilled in me a confidence that she, above all others, was someone truly special. I fell immediately thereafter.

I still remember pulling into the Harvard Square garage. I was nearly an hour early. A quick stop at John Harvard’s and I was on my way to the train station to meet the woman who, unbeknownst to me, would be my wife.

I paced, nervously, with the confidence of a man who had just left John Harvard’s, waiting for her to come up from the T. She came from across the street. I got us lost. We talked for hours, sending the waiter back six or seven times before ordering our dinner. We barely ate a bite. I walked her to the T, and offered her a ride home. I got a quick hug, and a pat on the back like we were old friends.

I thought I was dead in the water.

I saw her again a week later. I could barely pull myself away to head home. I struggled with this for a short time until she gave me a key. One year later, I gave her a ring in return. Now, nearly one year since that day, I find reason after reason to love her.

Tara – I’d like to thank Katie, Maggie, and an evening at Tavern on the Water for signing me up for eHarmony. Several bad dates later, I seriously regretted giving them my credit card to create my account, when I got a message from a bald guy whose profile picture featured him dressed as Captain Crunch. He was cute, funny, and intriguing. So when I boarded the T to meet him in Harvard Square I was nervous, and nearly an hour early. I exited the train at Kendall Square and waited for two trains to pass before deciding it  was socially acceptable to arrive 15 minutes early.

When I came out of the T station, I saw his gleaming head across Harvard Square (waiting at the wrong T exit). We chatted nervously, walked excitedly, and after a bit of a detour, made it to dinner. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and I was pleasantly surprised when he suggested a second date before the second course (I thought I was dead in the water). Little did I know that one year later, he would ask me to marry him, we would write this silly story on our website, and I would be his wife.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-8 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-10

Shout out to Amy Emily for being my awesome second photographer and making me laugh all day long :)

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-11 Gorgeous Tarathe_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-12 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-16 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-17 One of the best first looks I’ve ever witnessed!!

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Our first look! We chose to have our first look at our spot on the pier behind our condo. This is the spot where we finish runs, eat breakfast, watch fireworks, and got engaged. It’s a very special place for us, made even more so by that moment.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-22 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-23 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-33 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-34

Who says formals can’t be fun?

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-35 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-36 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-42 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-44 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-46 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-49 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-53 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-55 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-56 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-57 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-58

how cute are these two?

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-60 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-63 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-66

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Our family and friends are always good a few laughs. Tara’s brother Shane simply crushed it as our officiant, keeping a perfect blend of reverence and humor. Similarly, Brendan’s roast of Jim and Caitlin’s follow up toast, fed perfectly into an impromptu performance of “Tearing Up My Heart.”


The ceremony was so beautiful and emotional. I loved every second of it.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-70 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-72 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-73

There were details everywhere you looked!

Any advice for future Bride/Grooms?
Make the day your own. Traditions are wonderful, but it’s unique touches that make the day truly memorable.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-74 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-80 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-81 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-89 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-90

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
We would’ve eaten lighter, if only to save room for a second grilled cheese.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-95 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-98 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-101

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you, Erica! Your eye and aesthetic perfectly captured our day, and framed it in a way that reflects who we are and what we mean to each other.

the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-105 the_exchange_conference_center_ericaferronephotography_tarajim-108

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