Boston Commons Engagement | Meredith & Brett

These two RADIATE happiness and sunshine even on a gloomy day. We cancelled and then uncancelled our shoot because of the threat of rain! We took the chance and it worked out awesome!!! Meredith and Brett are a dream to work with and I am beyond excited for their wedding next year. If you think they are happy in these shots, oh just wait :)boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-4 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-6 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-11 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-13 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-14 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-15 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-16 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-19 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-20 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-21 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-24 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-25 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-26 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-27 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-29-1 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-33 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-35 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-36 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-39 boston_commons_engagement_meredithbrett_efp-41

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