South Boston Engagement | Abby & Kevin

I think I found a bride that loves photos as much as me! Clearly, I had a girl crush on Abby since our first phone call :) These two are incredibly sweet and SO much fun to hang out with! I really loved this session because they were game for anything, and even brought a friend to help assist me! The four of us walked around South Boston for a few hours and couldn’t make it a few feet before there was another photo op! As the 2016 wedding season winds down a bit, I’m going to miss days like this. Incredible weather, amazing couples, and days when I get to play with light, poses, and quirky ideas. I am beyond excited for 2017 because of couples like Abby & Kevin :)south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-21 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-26 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-27 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-27a south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-28 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-29 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-30 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-31 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-34 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-35 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-36 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-38 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-45 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-48 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-50 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-52 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-58 south_boston_engagement_abbykevin_efp-60


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