Granite Links Wedding | Alicia & Gerard

They really don’t make them nicer than this couple, or more gorgeous!! I feel like I became INSTANT friends with Alicia when we met and their wedding was nothing short of amazing! They have this rare ability to make absolutely everyone feel like family and I am so thankful to have been a part of their day :)

I’m starting this post out with a different kind of dress shot. To get this photo, I shot into a painting and lit the dress behind me to have it appear in the glass’ reflection :)

aliciagerard_ericaferronephotography-1-2 granite_links_eft-1 I mean COME ON! Alicia is so incredibly pretty!!! granite_links_eft-2 My girl Regina just kills it every. single. time. If you haven’t hired anyone yet for hair and make-up, write her immediately (info at the bottom)! granite_links_eft-4 granite_links_eft-7 granite_links_eft-7ajpg Love these girls to pieces :)granite_links_eft-8 granite_links_eft-13 granite_links_eft-13a granite_links_eft-14 granite_links_eft-18 granite_links_eft-21 granite_links_eft-23 granite_links_eft-25 granite_links_eft-28 granite_links_eft-29 granite_links_eft-34 granite_links_eft-35 granite_links_eft-42 granite_links_eft-43 granite_links_eft-43a granite_links_eft-44 granite_links_eft-49 granite_links_eft-51 granite_links_eft-52 granite_links_eft-58 granite_links_eft-64 granite_links_eft-65 granite_links_eft-66 granite_links_eft-69 granite_links_eft-71 granite_links_eft-73 granite_links_eft-76 granite_links_eft-77 granite_links_eft-83


NuImage, Sean Naughton
: Cedar Grove
: Allure, Pure Bliss
: Pure Bliss
: Regina Garnett
: Regina Garnett


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