Toronto Family Session | Jonquil, Fred & Co.

When this crew told me last year that they were moving back home to Toronto, I actually teared up. I’m not a crier. I think I maybe cried twice last year if that’s any indication of how much I love them. I have been photographing their family for five years so they had become family at this point! Fast forward to a month ago, Jonquil and Fred reached out saying they wanted me and Reese to come out to their new home in Toronto for the family session this year! I was over the moon to see them again. We went out to dinner, and Reese and I spent the day hanging out with two of my favorite kiddos, playing hide and go seek, coloring, and sledding. Here are a few photos from the day!Even Mila their dog is gorgeous ;)They have so much fun together!We raided their toy chest (which Jonquil refurbished herself!)You two are the very best

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