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Willowdale Estate

Amy Sleeper, Willowdale Estate
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Kate Indigaro
Shana Lima
I don’t even know where to start. Leah and Chris are two of the sweetest, warmest (and most gorgeous) people to walk the earth and there are no words to express how in love I am with their wedding day. True story, I was going to a party tonight and was a half hour late and left after an hour because I couldn’t wait to get home and send these two their photos. Leah may not know it, but she’s going to be stuck with me for a LONG time. Anyways, without further ado, get ready for this super long blog post:

This is the coolest bracelet because it is Leah’s grandmother’s handwriting copied and made into a bracelet! They don’t make them cuter. While the girls got ready, these nuggets read Christmas stories on the couch together. At one point, one was reading out loud to the others!It was a warm day for sure! Also, Leah, can I PLEASE have your 6 pack? #kthxThis dress has become Facebook famous, and is truly one of my favorite dresses I have EVER seen.HUGE thank you to my friend Molly LaCroix for second shooting with me and absolutely nailing it! I love it when I get to shoot with friends :) :) Like father like sonBEST FIRST LOOK EVERLeah’s guys waiting for her at the end of the aisle :)The cute kids in the front row MAY have been distracting haha I don’t blame them :)Leah and Chris I demand that this photo hang somewhere in your house haha. I love it to piecesBunch of clownsToo bad they have no fun together:Kids table decor:


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