Mount Hope Farm | Allison & John

Venue: Mount Hope Farm, Cove Cabin

Courtney Libby,

Pie, from Russel Morin
Alfred Angelo
Vows Bridal
I pretty much want to be adopted into Allison and John’s families. They are SO close and make anyone around them feel like family too. I’m really sad that this wedding only lasted one day because I could’ve spent a whole week on this gorgeous property playing games and hanging out with these genuine, sweet, funny people. I’m truly honored that they chose me to capture such a special time for them.

These girls melt my heart:Sweet moment that Caroline captured earlier on in the day:I knew I was in for an awesome day within a minute of meeting Allison, John, and family. Their guests were just as sweet and fun!I mean, it doesn’t get cuter than their parents and grandparents reactions during their ceremony!Maybe it does:They sealed their marriage vows with a kiss and a pinky swear!After ceremony hugs :)A&J’s laughs are two of the greatest I’ve EVER heard and I can basically hear his when I look at this photo:So fun fact, they have family game night every week. Allison’s mom helped out in decorating by collecting game pieces the entire year and spray painting them all to match!

That’s commitment and it came out incredible!OK so I really don’t try to overstep on wedding days, but when I suggested having intro’s and their first dance out by the water and they agreed, I couldn’t have been happier!!


It was such a perfect backdrop!!I can’t even talk about how adorable this entire wedding party is, but these photos just about sum it up:NOT setup. At the end of the night I went looking for A&J to say good bye and I happen to catch them having a moment to themselves. This was my favorite moment from the entire day:

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