Samberg Conference Center | Jesse & Alex

What a wedding!!! This was such a sweet and warm group of people, and everyone in the room could feel how much Alex and Jesse care for each other. I absolutely love this couple and I am thrilled to be able to share their images with them to relive such a fantastic day. Let’s start it off with what I think is one of the very best views of Boston:jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-1-5-1 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-7 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-8 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-9 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-14 What a STUNNER you are Jesse:jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-15 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-22 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-27 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-29 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-32 Needless to say, my cheeks hurt me all day from smiling behind the camera. Their laughs and smiles are SO contagious :)jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-35 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-38 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-40 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-43 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-51 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-54 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-56 THIS moment during the Ketubah was one of my favorites from the entire day, and high up there on the favorites ever. jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-59 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-65 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-66 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-71 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-73 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-78 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-80 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-81 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-83 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-84 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-85 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-87 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-88 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-91 I can’t get over the Samburg Conference Center. This is the 5th wedding they have hosted, and I have a feeling it will quickly be one the most sought after spaces once word gets out. Here is cocktail hour on the balcony:jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-98 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-102 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-108 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-109 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-112-1 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-113 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-114 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-116 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-122 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-123 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-124 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-128 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-129a jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-130 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-135 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-142 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-143 jessealex_samburgconferencecenter_efp-150


MIT Samberg Conference Center (, Lauren Williams (general manager),

Beth Rolfe,
: East Coast Soul, Art Felluca ( and Sean Davies (
: Bill Doane, Restaurant Associates
: Gregory Costa-Saint John, flou(-e)r,
Hair Stylist: Lumar-J Hair Salon, Lisa DiFlumeri
Make-up artist:  Zubeda Khan (Zubeda’s Spa)
: No Regrets, Elise,




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